Never grow up …

The choice I made yesterday, the decision to fight against the apathy, to raise my head above the parapet, was the right one.  I threw on my clown costume, over my monkey head, and free wheeled my bike down a steep hill, cheered on by optimistic, awe-inspiring little people.

I have decided that I never want to grow up.  As a grown up, I have responsibilities.  I have things I have to do, places I have to go, bills I have to pay, people I have to care for.  But, I can do all these, can function in the world as a responsible adult, without actually having to grow up.  My mind and my heart are young.  I will never stop laughing, never stop playing, never stop dreaming.  I still look for the face in the moon, still blow the cotton off the clock flowers to tell the time, still love to roll down a grassy hill, still talk about Jack Frost, the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus, still get caught up in the disney movies, still believe in magic.  I still have dreams and I intend on following them.

“It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams.”  So hitch up your trousers folks and jump into the puddles, turn your head up to the sky and drink the rain, build sandcastles, tell stories, laugh as often as you can and love deeply.  We only get one shot at this, one innings … so let’s party!


This is day two, by the way (hope my brimming enthusiasm can endure!! 🙂 ).  And on this wondrous day two I have now completed the sum total of 1099 words.  That’s 1099 words closer to completing my novel.  Life is damn good today.

Sunshine and kisses to you all!

D x

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