Little People …


What I wouldn’t give to have the heart and mind of a child again … even for just one day. The huge joy they get out of so little is staggering.  My littlest one, was eating her toast and cheese just now and she picked up a postcard that had come in the post that morning.  On the card there were two monkeys, dressed in clown suits, on bicycles, kissing (so many animal rights issues in just one sentence!).  Well, she just exploded with laughter and proceeded to tell me how “seafóideach” the monkeys were.  And this description of the silly monkeys went on for at least five minutes, after which she left the table, still giggling, to go do some important colouring in her new colouring book.  Her day could not get any better.  Those monkeys have set her up for the rest of the evening.  It doesn’t matter…

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