Balanced Creature …

Right so … accountability time … I’m on day 6 of the deadline countdown and as it stands, at this very moment in time,  I am behind by 431 words.  I should plough on this evening but, god damn it, I is dog tired and I has had enough!

Now, contrary to what you may think I am not in the slightest bit panicked.  The old me would be panicking by now.  Oh yes, the old me would be banging her head against the computer screen, cursing the bejaysus out of myself and my lack of follow through and talent! Oh Lord I’d be off on one alright … all moaning and self pity, berating myself for being an idiot and for failing yet again.  Stressing out and having a little aul meltdown for myself.

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But fear not, good citizens, the new me is a much more balanced creature.  The new me has had a week of ups and downs.  Days of writing double the target and days of writing none.  Days of being all sparkle, glitter, sunshine and moonbeams and days of Johnny’s-back horror and darkness (don’t do things by half in this head!).  Today was a great day, but I didn’t write much at all so tomorrow I’ll be doing double and will be on target heading into week two.  That is a fact.  There is no other plan but this one.  End of.  And come tomorrow evening, when I head to the Garraí Mór for my Monday cuppa, with my equally (un) balanced friend, I shall be a vision of serenity and success.


Night night my darlings!  Until the morrow

D xxxx

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