My Inner Hippie.

Sitting here with a sore back and a smile on my face. Yes, my back is bloody sore but, no I haven’t taken any drugs to ease the pain and make me smile and dribble (I’m not actually dribbling by the way!).  I’ve just had a really good day in spite of the pain and the fact that I am moving and walking like a robotic John Wayne.

Remember yesterday I said I’d be showering in positivity from now on? Well after training yesterday my back was niggling at me but I wasn’t too concerned.  I am a stubborn bitch mind you and I refuse to give in to any sort of pain or discomfort preferring to tell myself to suck it up and not be such a pussy.  This normally works but not this time and as the day went on the pain progressed.  Had to put a heat-pack on last night and hit the hay early.  Was feckin wiped!   But, I still did some Yoga Nidra meditation (using the app on my ipod….not my years of experience and mystic-supernatural link with my inner zen!) and was asleep within minutes.  Woke a bit during the night and even though I was sore I couldn’t help but giggle a bit … had flashbacks to being heavily pregnant and literally like a beached whale not being able to turn over without major effort or pain.

Fast forward to this morning.  Struggled around the house trying to get the kids ready for school but my wonderful daughter did loads of jobs without being asked (I would normally have fainted with the shock but it would have been too painful to get up again). I was feeling surprisingly light inside despite having a heavy non functioning body.  And we made it out the door with no rants, tears, Mammy meltdowns or toddler malfunctions.  And do you know what but things only got better as the day went on.  Nothing major happened but the nice little things that did made me feel so good.  Got a parking space by the Cathedral and a free ticket off a lady who was leaving.  Was given some free chocolates by the waiter in Renzo where I go to for a cuppa before college.  Had my first writers group with another writer doing the MA, where we dissected a chapter of mine and I was just buzzing afterwards.  And came home to happy kids who’d been out walking and playing handball with their Daide álainn.

Now, I’m not turning into a toga wearing, chakra cleansing, incense burning, Dalai lama quoting head case…..well not completely.  I just feel that my head was clearer today and the positive energy that I felt just bounced back at me all day.  Sometimes it’s how we choose to feel that makes the difference.  Having a crocked back didn’t bring my mood down at all.  So I’m going to stick with being a knob for a while.  Going to watch the motivational videos and listen to the positive energy music.  Might even fish out the harem trousers early (have been bloody dying to get into summer clothes cos that’s when my true inner hippie shines!!)…. Although, word of warning, if I start to cultivate dreadlocks and smell of dewberry then I am too far gone to even contemplate saving.  If this point comes just run my friends and save yourselves.


Now peace and love my brothers and sisters.  I shall see all you flowers tomorrow where I will be spreading the love all through the interweb thingy.

Debonalia Petulia Dewberrybush xxxx

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