Meh, whatever …

It’s been six days since I posted.  Six whole days.  Twenty four hours long, all of them! What in the love of God is wrong with me.  I have the intentions of a saint but the follow through of a demon.

Mental motivation is on the floor this week and I’m nimbly stepping over it as I thrash around the house.  I’m still doing stuff mind. Still getting the college assignments in, still trying to write, still going training, still functioning as a mother and keeping my kids alive.  But therein lies the problem people.  I’m functioning.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m happy.  Had a great day in college last week (in spite of the no book in my bag disaster).  Visited an old friend who I hadn’t seen in over a year last Saturday and it was just so lovely.  Having the craic here at home everyday with the kids and him indoors.  Everything is tickety boo! Except for it isn’t.  Anyone ever feel like that?  It’s like I know what I have to do to succeed as a writer and I’m tipping away trying to do it but, my brain is like “Meh, whatever…”.

For example, I saw a great motivational video yesterday called  “The Crystal staircase” and it was inspiring.  (I’ve attached it here so you can have a look….don’t judge me..).  I bought into it, all 6 minutes of it, and I visualised myself climbing the crystal staircase with my muddy, spikey boots!  (I am officially a knob by the way).  And still a little voice in my head kept interrupting my epic visions with a curt little “Meh, whatever..” I swear to God but if I could get my hands on that little negative fucker…

So what to do? How do I silence my “Meh, whatever”.  How do I get the passion back?  Haven’t a bulls but, I’m going to blitz myself with positivity and see if that helps.  It’s going to be wall to wall motivational videos for the next few days, and meditation, visualisation, cross legged chanting.

So if you see me out and about and say hello don’t be surprised if the response is “Hell Yeah!! You got this!!”.

Onwards and upwards folks!

D x

Ok so this is the link….but its not actually a link…cos I can’t figure how to upload the file…I did try but then I thought “meh, whatever!” : )

So look up “Daily Motivation 1: The crystal staircase” on you tube…if you can be arsed!

Oh hang on…I think it worked! I am a bloody genius!

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