Fate worse than Death.

Ok. So picture this. You’re in the college canteen. On your own. You have an alloted thirty minutes for lunch or the warty hag is going to level you with a shovel (she is mobile since yesterday folks … taking her job very seriously!). All sounds great. But it’s not!! It’s bloody well a disaster. I’m about to lie on the floor and weep bitter tears in front of hundreds of people. Why, oh why? You ask.

Well I’ll tell ya. I forgot my book! Not the one I’m writing (that one just won’t leave me alone) but, the one I’m reading. This is a fate worse than death. I always have a book in my bag, never leave home without one. You just never know when you’ll get a chance to read a few pages. And here I am. Pure defenceless. Bereft. Distraught. What is the point of having a break if you’ve nothing to read.? All these college idiots are chatting away as if nothing has happened. As if everything is ok. Selfish wankers. Always thinking about themselves. It’s all just me, me, me! 😠

This day is now officially over. Pull the curtains, put out the sun and pack up the sky. There is just no point anymore.

Sob !!!!😒😥😭

Some of you may think I’m being a little dramatic but I choose to disagree. I’m going to head to the library now and find that hag, steal her shovel, and pulverise myself.

That is all


2 thoughts on “Fate worse than Death.

    • Replying to you 6 days later….I am on fire eh!! My dearest Jen, I can barely handle the ipod that I have … it burns my eyes!! So to read a book on a screen …. begads girl, have you lost your mind!! Get thee to a library! xx


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