Well, today was a little better….planned a bit this morning and got what I needed done.  After a lovely cuppa with a friend, I had a play to see, a lecture to go to, and a little birthday celebration after dinner for one of my little people …  so there wasn’t too much space for anything else. But … because I planned I got a bit written this morning and again this evening.  And as I write this I am sitting pretty on my couch with a satisfied smile on my face – feet up, cup of tea in hand and ready for the mindless joy that is Revenge!

So no sermon from the Mount this evening….I only have 1 minute before my weekly fix of fantasmagorical glam and outlandlish, unbelievable plots….mwha ha ha but I bloody love it!

Quick question though…..was thinking of sharing a page or two of the book….just a snippet to get a feel for what people think of it in terms of tone, pace, theme.  Would need honest feedback mind so none of your sweet talking sugar ok? whadda ye think?

Ok gonna sign off before I change my mind…eeeeek!

Debs x

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