It wasn’t raining when Noah built the Ark….

I’m not doing great at the aul blog every day now am I.  But please don’t think this means that I love ye any less.  I think about ye constantly and when I let ye down my heart breaks a little with every passing day (too much?).  I’m actually quite surprised at how much I enjoy this blogg-a-rooney shite. Hard to believe that I only started this just over a month ago….how in god’s name did ye cope without me?!!

This week, however, my tactic has to change.  I want to, need to, post everyday but it doesn’t always work out….there’s family, kids, home, college, work (which I’m loving….more anon), committays (as Monica Gillhooly from Ahascra used to say), activities, training, life….and sometimes at the end of the day when I’m falling into slumberland, the energy just isn’t there. Being honest, I’m a bit all over the place lately, no structure in place and things are slipping.  So the month of March is the month for change.

Top of my list is sleep….early to bed early to rise.  Need to get this one bloody sorted or I’ll just faint mid school-run one of these fine days.  Next on my list is planning.  I need to plan ahead (just like the fictional character of Noah in JC’s epic novel). This is going to sound so anal but, tomorrow morning when the little people are deposited in their various houses of education, I am going to sit and plan my week by the hour…..when to write, when to work, when to clean, when to eat (although I rarely need reminding of eating!) when to everything.  I just feel the past few weeks that everything is flying by in a chaotic jumble and creativity and opportunity are passing me by in a haze.  There will always be something to do that will take away from the writing.  To avoid this I need to start treating it as a job, my main job and it needs to become my main focus (after handsome himself and the lovely little ones of course…cool name for a band eh?!).  The internet needs to be disconnected, the phone switched off, the front door locked to visitors.  If I was in an office away from home, everything else would have to wait.  So my desk needs to be my office and during hours of work I cannot allow myself to be disturbed.  So the planning phase of my cunning plan starts tomorrow….and it will be epic!

I’ll even set aside time for you beauties…a little bit everyday so we can stay in touch.

BTW (that’s “by the way”for all ye non-hipsters out there…I am so damn hip with the kids it aint right!) thanks to everyone for the kind words….some too kind to be believed – ye dirty liars!  It is so lovely to hear that ye read my words and like them.  All jokes aside, it means so much to me and brightens up even the darkest day.

Sweet dreams ye lunatics!

Debs x

ps…oh yeah…the job…I’m a part time waitress and loving it (really role playing the whole struggling artist thing). Working in a fab restaurant with hard-working, laid-back, wonderful people!  Working my little (HA!) ass off but having the craic.  Lot to be said for working in a job that does not threaten your physical and mental health.!

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