To sleep perchance to dream….

Is there ever a night I’m not tired? This week I feel like I’m running on empty.  I could put it down to numerous things – college, kids, housework, training, shopping, (the grocery kind I’m afraid), and just generally rushing around. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy being busy, enjoy the hustle and bustle.  Being able to be at home to look after the kids, and all the homework and taxi-ing that entails, is a pleasure.  Being in college is a dream.  Writing is a joy.  Being able to train a few days a week with great people is inspiring. Housework is….well, housework is a pain in the hole as is cooking and laundry…nothing remotely positive to say about that one.  Life is good and I’m in a good place.

My downfall is sleep.  Good Jesus but I love sleep.  But I am a whore for not getting enough of it.  I need to go to bed early but I don’t.  Feel like I deserve an hour or two to myself, with himself, when the kids are gone to bed and the mayhem of the day is tidied away.  My body and my mind are so knackered some nights that it’s an effort to shift my ass off the couch and move it to the bedroom.  And then come morning time I am stuck to the bed and literally have to peel my dribbling, scarecrow head off the pillow.

About time I started copping the fuck on.  Started listening to my body, especially my eyes….they do be screaming at me to please let them close but like some sadistic prison officer I force them to stay open until they start to burn a hole in my brain and I have to give in (dramatic? Moi? never!).  And then the poor divils do be straining to focus the next day and the brain does be wandering all over the place.  I often convince myself that I have the early onset of alzheimers, normally when I find myself standing in a room for the umpteenth time wondering what the hell I came in there for (worse still when I drive to Galway, park up, and realise I have no idea what I came in to do…scarey stuff!)

I can do all the training, studying, living that I want but if I’m not getting enough sleep I’m just making it harder for myself. Plus…now ladies pay attention….you burn fat while you are asleep! Don’t get me wrong, you are not going to go to bed looking like Honey Boo Boo’s mother and wake up looking like Gwenyth Paltrow….but in the grand scheme of things, it helps.

So…my new year’s resolution…besides writing a book, eating clean, getting uber fit, being a better mother and wife, keeping in touch with friends more, washing the windows more that once a year, learning to meditate (the list is a long one)… to get enough sleep. Lights out by 10. So basically I am going to turn into a boring fecker but the upside is I’ll be flying around like a duracell bunny during the day and will probably have the book written by next Tuesday.  Happy Days.

Sorry for boring you… tomorrows blog will be just as boring cos I’ll still be tired so skip it and tune in Saturday when I will dazzle the pants off you!

Bon nuit!


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