The Mighty Pen

Early one tonight…because I’m cream crackered!  Had a really long day yesterday, superbly finished off by a gruelling 3 hour musical that made my eyes bleed and ears seep brain fluid.  Early start this morning for training (would you look at me bragging! but in fairness I am awesome!).  So the bed is calling me…wooing me with its promise of a soft pillow and a warm duvet (my bed is such a tease!). 🙂

Slipped a bit yesterday too and didn’t post….please don’t hate me! After the water-boarding musical I could not be held accountable for anything I wrote so my legal team decided it was best if I was heavily sedated and put to bed.

Now, can I share my eureka moment with you before I catch the last train to Sleepyville (sorry?!)?  Up until I started the MA I always wrote longhand in the many notebooks I have amassed over the years (I’m a sucker for a nice notebook….upstairs in TK Max being my little guilty pleasure).  But, since September I’ve been working more and more on the computer, so much so that I felt like I wasn’t writing unless I was sat down in front of the flickering screen.  And slowly this mental block started to be built in my head, brick by brick, and writing (or lack of it) started to become a chore.  It was no longer just a case of pulling out a notebook and writing, whenever and wherever I wanted.  And the excuses started to mount.  But no longer I tell thee! No longer shall I be shackled by the relentless burden of technology.  My trusty pen and paper is all I need. Hoo-rah! (Well ok, I will need the computer to put what I’ve scribbled up but hey, that’s just a technicality).  Hoo-rah again!

Sound like a really sad eejit I know…but I don’t give a shite!  I am happy and have achieved zen like inner peace!  Funny how all this technology, that is supposed to make life easier, ends up blinding us to the joy of simplicity.  Why do I need a computer to write a story? I don’t.  All I need is my thoughts, my heart, a pen and a page.  Bob’s your Uncle, Fanny’s your Aunt.

That is all.

D x

2 thoughts on “The Mighty Pen

  1. Enjoying the blog just said to Susan missed Debs Blog yesterday so well done and keep them coming and you are motivating me no end to push that envelope out a little more

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