Time #AmWriting

One week has passed. Feels like I just closed my eyes for a second. Is it that I’m getting older and life is just whizzing by?  Just when you want to grab the reigns and stall the bolting horse, everything seems to speed up. Little hands are pulling away, little feet getting surer and steadier and don’t need Mama to hold them as often. I catch myself sometimes wishing the hours away til bedtime so I can get some writing done or have some down time. And yet I know there will come a day when I will long for having no time to myself, long for small people to look after and love, and I know I will regret the time I wished away.

This week has been great. Spent a lot of time with my two smallest people and squished in writing along the way. I hit the bed like a log every night and wake bleary eyed and tired each morning but I wouldn’t have it any other way. This week I’ve managed to fit the writing around the life and it’s worked. Got about 2000 words written but have also broke the back on my portfolio…so pat on the back for me. I could be doing so much more in terms of writing but life is hammering on my door and it cannot be ignored. Once school is back time will also come to stay for a while. So for now I’ll motor on as I am. Only two weeks of summer fun to enjoy…in spite of the weather!!

This week I’m parking the book and focusing on the portfolio (due in the 22nd!!!! Eeek). And after that it’s book all the way. Nice to have a plan. Deep breath, calm down and stop freaking out plan. Baby steps each one bringing me closer to the stars! Doesn’t matter how long it takes, the journey is what it’s about after all isn’t it?

And look at me sure will ya!…writing my blog on Friday, like I promised!! I am a bloody legend! Way to go me! Hoo-rah!! Doesn’t take much really does it.

So…I shall see you all next week when I hope I’ll still be basking in the sun shining out of my arse!!images

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