The Wall …

I’ve just hit the writing wall and no amount of clambering and throwing myself against it is going to work at the moment.  Even as I type this I am yawning and my eyes are heavy – and it’s only 2:15 in the afternoon for fuck sake!!  If I do 700 more words today I will be completely up to date with my target.  Today is Wednesday the 26th and I started this leg of my journey on the 12th …15 days in total meaning a total word count of 7500.  Only 700 more of the buggers and i’m sorted. (Pat on the back for me for sticking to it … amn’t I bloody marvellous!)

But at this very moment in time it just ain’t happening.  School run coming up and those little people will want dinner (yet again!!!).  And the more I sit and will myself to keep going the harder it is getting.  Amazing how our mental state can start to affect us physically isn’t it? My head is tired and has done enough and by trying to push it on, I am starting to feel it in my body.  My hands feel swollen, my head light, my back is aching nicely and every bit of me is crying out for a lie down.  So I just need to listen to my body for a while.  Gonna take a break – not from housewifey-domestic-goddess-wish-I-was-in-the-pub-not-stuck-here-cleaning-and-cooking life obviously, there’s no break from that, but a break from writing.

I have not given up for today mind.  My head and I are merely having a quiet sojourn in the countryside and upon our return we shall tackle the page and the words anew.

I will catch up today and I will post a proper blog later … all wonderfully insightful and sickeningly inspiring …

Adieu mes amis, Adieu…

D xxx

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