On the Wagon in Style

Day 2 in the big brother house. Should be day 76 (I counted) but, alas it is only day 2 cos get-your-finger-out-Annie here has been putting off til tomorrow what needs to be done today. But hey! at least I’m back on the wagon … Bit bruised and battered from being fecked off the rickety wagon too many times to count, but feeling good for dragging my chocolate filled body back up again!

Sooo … Today I planned (returned home from the old stomping ground after a few days break with la familia) and I’m feeling positive about the days ahead. Have set aside time to write everyday over the next week. And time to do college work, train, meditate and play. Now, life will, as it so often does, get in the way and with plenty of little people scuttling around I have no doubt that my plans will have to be tweaked. But at least I have plans to tweak and not just blind thrashing around in the dark. Feeling in control and ready to swim out and take on that wave.

Glad to have ye all along for the ride…. Will try not to disappoint!

On a personal note I have something ultra exciting to share. Now brace yourselves! This is probably the best news you will hear this week. Ye ready?

I shall be donning my harem pants tomorrow!!!! And possibly flip flops too!!! Sweet Jesus but how cool is that?! Don’t know about ye guys but I don’t think I’ll get much sleep tonight with the excitement! Whoooohoooo!! For those of you too far away to see me in all my glory, don’t worry! I’ll take a pic so ye can share in the joy!

Until the morrow sweet ones!

Deb x

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