I wrote a piece for college this evening which took me outside my comfort zone. Had to do a 1000 word review profiling a Reviewer. WTF!!! I read reviews of books and films all the time but I don’t pay a blind bit of notice to who writes them (how wrong is that for someone who writes!).

Now I did the piece but, it took me fecking hours and was a hard bloody slog I’ll have you know (sympathy gratefully accepted at this point).  But now, lying here on the couch with the Oscars rattling along in the background, I’m  really glad that I had to do this piece. Because I’m a sadist but, also because it’s always good to try something new. You never really know what you’re capable of until you give it a shot.

I’ve also learned not to be such a lazy, passive reader. Don’t get me wrong, I thinks it’s hugely important to get carried away with a beautiful book and have it wash over and through you effortlessly. But equally important (well for me anyway) is remembering not only who wrote the book but also taking phrases and words away. I’ve taken to writing lines down that have hit a chord with me, that have moved me and by doing so I’m expanding my vocabulary and my style and finding my voice echoed in the words of others.

So while tonight’s exercise was hard I did it and I learned from it. You are never too old to learn something new! Never! …. Wonder is it too late learn how to become a ballerina?😝

Now…… I’ve been avoiding the word count issue but, while I did not write the book today I did write a 300 word theatre review and the 1000 word piece referred to here. So bite me!!! 😂

buenos noches munchachoes!

Deb x

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