Brick Wall

Tonight I’ve hit a brick wall.  Been staring at the screen for over two hours now and getting words out is like pushing stone through a sieve.  Have been working on this chapter for over a week and it’s been coming together well…until tonight that is.  Around every corner of the mountain road I’m roaming on the page, I meet a roadblock, a checkpoint (always with British soldiers – obviously!), a fallen tree and the sheer effort it takes to ram through is leaving me exhausted.

This is where my utter inexperience shines through.  I think I need to park this one for a while and go on to another part of the story and maybe when I come back to it, or do a bit more research, it will fall into place as I want it to.  Is this what a seasoned writer would do? Or would they battle on? Fucked if I know.  Think I need to revisit Mr King’s The Craft and get some advice (although I’d rather visit Mr King himself and pick his brains over a few beers… the Arts Council fund trips like this?).

But, on a positive note, I did put my ass in the chair and at least try.  A few years ago I would have given up, put the computer away and decided that I just didn’t have what it takes.  Now, a little older, a little wiser and a lot more determined I know I haven’t failed. I’m just stuck.  Trying is half the battle and not giving up the other half.  Some sleep and a fresh look in the morning and sure then I’ll be sucking diesel.

So good night my pretties. Thanks for listening….

Debs x

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