Damn “Longbourn”!!!

Damn it all to hell! Sometimes I wish great books hadn’t been written.  Why couldn’t the author have just stopped, ran out of ideas, gave up the writing dream and resigned herself to a life serving hamburgers and cleaning toilets in Macky D’s.  Like Jo Baker for example.  Who does she think she is? Writing “Longbourn”- an amazing book told from the perspective of the servants in “Pride and Prejudice”.  Bloody cheek! I mean, does she not know what she will do to people? (well, to me..)…well let me tell you…

I started reading this book last Friday and I finished it today and I am distraught.  I didn’t want it to end.  I wanted it to go on and on and tell me what James and Sarah did next, how Mrs Hill reacted, what happened to Polly….jesus but my heart is broken.  This is a regular problem with me.  If I love a book I devour it.  Can’t read it fast enough, can’t put it down.  Stealing minutes between chores, in the school car park, outside the ballet class (how middle class am I!!).  Instead of taking my time and spreading the joy over a few weeks I lose hours, days because I just can’t wait to turn the next page and see what happens.  And just like a junkie high, there follows a devastating crash-and-burn low. Which is where I am now…so welcome friends…welcome to hell!

No I did not write today.  And I don’t give a flying f**k if you are in any way cross with me.  I just need to curl up under the duvet and cry for the end of my Longbourn journey. 😦  .  I may never recover and this could be my last post.

Goodbye cruel world…….(might see you tomorrow…)

Debs (no bloody kiss tonight so feck off!)

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