Holidays are Over … whooohooo !!!

Woke this morning, bright and early, with a song in my heart and a bounce in my step!  Not even the grey sky and the biting wind could dampen my spirits. Having lovingly filled the lunch boxes and kissed my little angels goodbye at the school gate, I sat into my car and drove home whooping and hollering all the way! Finally the Easter holidays were over!!! 😀👏🏻👍🏻😆. Anyone else with me on this?

Now chickitas, don’t get me wrong. The holidays were great. We had a blast. Visitors, visiting, walking, playing, picnics, drinking hot chocolates in the sun, late nights, early mornings. Dirty, tired faces on happy heads at the end of every day. But time for writing? Nada, none ! Time spent thinking about writing and worrying about not doing it? About 50% of the 336 hours the holidays lasted.

This morning my head had space and even though the words were slow as treacle through a gnats arse at least they had a chance to come. Only wrote about 400 of the elusive buggers but it still feels like a hallelujah moment! Will do more later … the thread of narrative is there so I’ll go where it takes me. Ass to seat is all it takes to get it done. Ass to seat! (My new motto! Or possibly the title of the book?!)

D xxx

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