The Rain

Hello my pretties!

Sorry I’ve been off the grid for a few days. Have been mucho busy but, in a good way. Thursday I went to college, met two inspiring writers, and got to see The Pillowman. Wow! Had been warned by our American lecturer that this was dark even for Martin McDonagh. Now, maybe I’m sick and twisted after years of horror movies and stories or maybe (and this is the theory I’m running with) I’m just Irish but, I found the play darkly hilarious. Us Irish are a dark lot…..what else do you expect from a people who are lashed by sideways sheets of rain  for 80% of the year and spend the other 20% talking about the same rain. We grew up on stories of ghosts, banshees and bogeymen resulting in life being viewed with Tim Burtenesque tinted glasses. So I waited in the theatre for the dark gritty scenes that would disturb me but they never came. Instead I found myself laughing at things I knew were sinister but God damn they were funny!

Moral of the story? Embrace who you are and where you come from.  The book I’m writing begins with a tragedy and it is one woman’s journey through this tragedy. There are happy moments but ultimately her journey is tough.  There will be hope and love but the more I write the more I’m shying away from the Hollywood ending (all neatly packaged in a red bow).  Life isn’t Hollywood.  Life is Galway on a wet day. Pretty shite but with lots of great moments.  And these moments make it all worthwhile.

So people….embrace the slanting rain! Its who we are and we’re bloody brilliant. And remember to look for the rainbow that comes with the rain 😜.

Peace and love people! Peace and love! (And a bit of rain too!)

Debs x

(ps word count is 1900…600 shy of where I should be but better than before so I’m on the right track!😃).

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