I’m procrastinating big time today….if there was a prize for putting things off I’d be up on the winners podium with the gold medal hanging off me neck!

I have done a myriad of uber-important things today…things that could not be put off until later.  I cleaned the kitchen and hoovered the house (I did that yesterday too but you can never be too sure if you did it right….and who knows who might call for a cuppa!).  I set the fire and bagged some turf – that haaaad to be done before I even contemplated writing, I mean…hello!?  I did my accounts and eventhough I know exactly how much money we don’t have, it still nice to put it all neatly down on paper.  Went for a run too….was planning on going this evening but the thoughts of the writing I should be doing sent me flying out the door as soon as the kids were gone to school.  Then after all that hard and significant work I was only fecked so I had to have a nice, relaxing hour long breakfast and read the newspaper….felt I deserved it after the busy morning I put in.

And now, here I am blogging….more faffing around god-damn-it!  I mean, have you ever, ever seen a blog from me before 10pm! Methinks not!

So today has been fairly crap – writing wise…but it is not over yet!! I have a few hours til the kids come home so I need to get the finger out and get my ass into gear!!!  Sometimes I amaze myself with the amount of stuff I can get done when I should be writing.  Flying around the house ignoring the little voice at the back of my head whispering “you need to write, you should be writing, this shit will wait, you need to write”.  This whisper has grown into a roar and my little voice is not so sweet any more (“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU PLAYING AT YOU PLANK!!! STOP AVOIDING IT! GET YOUR FAT ASS ONTO THAT SEAT AND WRITE OR BY GOD THERE’LL BE WIGS ON THE GREEN!! ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME MISSY??? ARE YA?!).  So if I want to live to faff another day I’d best get writing…..I will check in for a quickie later (as the bishop said to the prostitute)….don’t worry though….I won’t bore the tits off ye with another self indulgent blog….I’ll just tell you how successful my afternoon was (eeek!).

And if any one out the is procrastinating like me this morning….refer back the the sentence in CAPs and you’ll be fine!

Asta la vista babies!!


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