Sometimes the day is just gone.  Seems like you put your feet on the floor and next thing you know its time to put them back under the duvet.  Today has been one of those days. I’ve been up 16 hours as I write this and I don’t know where it’s gone. No, actually, that’s a lie.  I do.  They went on training, cleaning, writing, cooking, feeding, taxi-ing, diswashering (?),loving, laughing, talking, theatre going…  So as I type this, I’m in my leaba with my eyes hanging out of my head, ready to melt into the mattress and evaporate for at least 7 hours (fingers crossed).

Sorry, my point is (bear with me…there is a point) that sometimes the day is gone and we feel like we’ve done nothing but when you stop and think about it we do so much all the time.  The little things all add up.  And it’s the little things that can make us laugh and cry.  That make us alive.  I’m blessed to have time.  Blessed not to be tied to a desk with my children being looked after by someone else.  Blessed not to be chasing my tail and rushing.  Blessed to have great friends.  Blessed to have a husband who wholeheartedly puts up with his writer wife (and still manages to tell me I’m wonderful).  Blessed to have the bestest, best friend in the world (like OMG, totes BFF). Blessed to have healthy and happy kids. I’m busy, so very busy but, I’m loving it.  What I am doing now is a pleasure.  Going to a play tonight (paid for by the college) made me realise how privileged I am.  Sure, I have shit times, its not all Brady Bunch meets Partridge family but, the good far outweigh the bad.

Today I wrote 357 words of my book and a 300 word film review and I have come to realise that writing is what truly makes me happy.  Took me a over forty years but hey, it’s never too late. Hope to christ I don’t have to wait forty more to get the book published (once I finish it that is)…but as Doris Day always said “Que sera, sera”.

Apologies for the sentimental drivel….I know I’ll read this in the morning and cringe….but you will all have to cringe with me so ha!  And a small apology for one disgruntled reader who feels I write this blog too late (you know who you are…FACT!)…I will endeavour to have a post up by 10pm tomorrow just for you….but I will expect free window repairs from now until the end of time.

Have a good sleep people. Tomorrow is another day (ok sorry…I’m making myself vomit).  Over and out.

Deb x

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