What more could you want…

As I write this the turf is burning in the stove behind me and the sound of sleep is all around.  Dogs snuffling in the kitchen and the kids and husband safe in their slumber.  I love this time of night.  When the house quietens down and everything stops for a while.  I have to admit I’ve missed this time of night for some time now.  When I’m not “in the zone” I’ll make every excuse in the world as to why I need to be in bed and why I couldn’t possibly write anything- it’s too cold, I’m too tired, I need to sleep to burn the belly fat (fact!)….but on nights like tonight when my fingers have something to say I brush away the excuses and remember why this time of night is so good.

Now….all that aside I’m bloody wrecked.  Believe me when I tell you that it is only people who don’t have children that look forward to a break at the weekend.  When you have sprogs under foot there is always somewhere to go and something to do.  Handball competitions, guitar lessons, birthday parties (in between grocery shopping – always a thrill).  The littlest hobos’ body clocks are not wired for “lie in Saturday” so they will triumphantly arrive into our room, bright eyed and ready for action at 6:30am, asking for breakfast.  But you know what, I wouldn’t change it for the world and know that someday soon I’ll long for the stomp of little feet down the hall of a Saturday morning…for just one more day.  Time is going so fast and it is so precious.  For me, the weekend was never a good time to write. Until now.  Today I stole time while the big big movie was on and a little bit more now and have reached a very satisfying 691 word count.  Didn’t hit the 800 target but carrying forward 109 words until tomorrow is a piece of piss!! I got this.  What’s my amazing secret I hear you cry? (the person who cried “Shut the fuck up and go to sleep” has had their name noted in my little book).  Well it’s simple.  This blog.  It’s like I have to report in so I need to put the work in.  And the more work I put in the stronger the ideas that come to me are.  I’m on fire ladies and gentlemen….and in the immortal words of Bruno Mars “I’m too hot, call the police and the firemen!”….(literally and metaphorically! 🙂 ) – God I’m going to have some come down when I hit a bad patch amn’t I?!

Time now for me to join the sleeping team here in Teach Mór. Time to sleep perchance to dream. Good night y’all.  See you tomorrow.

Debs x

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